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Izzie's Farewell Scene

Following an exclusive interview with Katherine in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly about her departure from Grey's Anatomy to spend more time with her family, Michael Ausiello has revealed Katie's thoughts on Izzie's farewell scene in his weekly TV scoop column:

Question: Will Grey’s Anatomy address Izzie’s whereabouts at all? Or are they just going to pretend she never existed now that Katherine Heigl isn’t returning? - Mickey

Ausiello: They’re definitely not going to pretend she never existed. In fact, I’m told the Izzie issue will be addressed during May sweeps. For her part, Katherine Heigl thinks her Jan. 21 farewell - while not originally intended to be her last episode - oddly works as a bookend to Izzie’s story. "Even though there’s a part of me that would like to go back and do the quick Izzie farewell," she says, "I also think that my last scene - where Meredith says to Izzie, ‘Don’t go, we’re your family,’ and Izzie’s response was, ‘No you’re not, you’re just a bunch of people I worked with, and I can find that anywhere’ - was kind of tragic and appropriate all at the same time. When I was playing the scene I was really trying to convey that, for Izzie, that was a lie that she had to tell herself to have the courage to have to move on."

Meanwhile former Grey's co-star Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev) spoke to E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos about Katherine's departure from the ABC media drama:

Dos Santos: "Do you think there is any chance that Katherine would ever come back? Are you going to miss her?"

Chambers: "Never underestimate Katherine Heigl. She'll probably. Who Knows. I miss her immensely, she is so much fun to work with."

"I think he'll [Alex Karev] always have a soft spot for Izzie and he's going to miss her very much. Who knows, anything's possible on Grey's Anatomy, she might be back."

Watch the video interview in full by clicking here.