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Public Service Announcement For The American Red Cross

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Katherine made this public service announcement for the American Red Cross in an effort to help those affected by the tragic events of September 11th 2001. Her passionate please to the public urged everyone to contribute to the relief fund for the victims of the terrible attack. This feature is in mpeg format.
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ABC Local News - Organ Donation

The Grey's Anatomy episode  "Winning a Battle, Losing the War", saw Katherine's character "Izzie" tackle the emotive subject of organ donation. The episode had a poignant personal connection for Katherine, who works with the Coalition on Donation to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation. In an interview that was broadcast on ABC affiliate stations Katherine described the "grace in being able to save somebody else's life despite the fact that you've lost somebody you love."
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Last Chance For Animals

Katherine teamed up with Last Chance for Animals to front a PSA to help change the way the public obtain their companion pets. The message encourages people to adopt or rescue a puppy rather than purchase one from a traditional pet store. Pet store puppies almost inevitably come from substandard commercial breeding programs known as puppy mills. The mills operate purely for profit under poor breeding conditions that cause chronic health problems, temperament issues and hereditary defects in the animals.
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