Sewing is a new passion of Katherine's having taken up the pastime recently, following her foray into the pinboard-style social photo sharing website Pinterest.

"My mother sewed, but it seemed not that cool," Katherine explained on the telephone to the New York Times. "Then my sister and I started following Pinterest," which sparked an interest in making baby clothes for her two daughters. Katherine's mother bought her a sewing machine, passed on a few words of advice, and very soon her first project, a bumper for baby daughter Adalaide's crib, was complete.

Katherine Heigl Busy Making A Nightie For Daughter Naleigh Katherine Busy Making A Nightie For Daughter Naleigh

The bumper was made from green and white fabric she purchased online. "You can certainly find them cheaper to buy," Katherine confessed, "but it turned out so beautifully, the piping and trim, I am not going to get enough of this."

A knitter for many years, a pastime she took up early in her career to pass the hours on set during the long breaks between filming, she revealed to reporter Laura M. Holson that she finds sewing both more stimulating and more relaxing. "It's actually therapeutic," she said, "It requires a different kind of attention and focus."

But don't expect to see Katherine on the red carpet in Heigl couture any time soon, although she has not ruled out making some garments for herself, because she has "struggled to find the absolutely perfect T-shirt."

A Completed Skirt For Naleigh A Completed Skirt For Naleigh

Read the full article entitled 'Dusting Off the Sewing Machine' on the New York Times web site and in the July 5th editon of the newspaper. You can also check out some of Katherine's sources of inspiration on her Pinterest page.